Yoganotch Technology

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Notches are tiny wearable devices that measure motion using three onboard sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. Notches capture the data at 40 samples per seconds to analyze every subtle movement of the body
Our software calculates the orientation of each Notch device in 3D space in real-time. Having two Notch devices on adjacent body part allows us to compute the relative 3D angles between those limbs and reconstruct the skeletal structure of the person who wears notches.
Joint angles are widely used in physical therapy to evaluate the person’s health and in sports science to quantify the athletes’ performance. Since our bodies move in 3D space 3D joint angles are the most natural way to describe human motion. Yoganotch measurements are correlated with healthy joint ranges within 1-2 degrees precision and are based on tens of thousands of 3D motion recordings produced by Notch Pioneer platform.
Motion sensors are the most cost-effective and accurate way to measure the joint angles. The current alternatives, such as guesstimating the angles from video footage are error-prone at best or deceptive at worst, since they provide only an estimate of the 3D position based on a statistical analysis of 2D data. Also, when using notches, you don’t have to worry about being in the field of view of the camera or practicing in the dark space.