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A personal yoga assistant that gives audio feedback on your alignment, when you practice yoga at home. 

Comes with FREE iOS Companion App
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Yoganotch personal yoga assistant that gives audio feedback on your alignment, when you practice yoga at home.

Yoganotch is a wearable that provides live guidance for your yoga practice through virtual classes, an iOS app, and wearables that analyze your body's position in 3D in real-time. It will advise you to "tuck your tailbone" if it senses that your Warrior II alignment could be improved!

Inside the box you will find:

  • 4x Notch motion sensors
  • 1x Charging Dock
  • 4x Adjustable Straps
  • 1x Phone Stand
  • 1x Carrying Pouch
  • 1x Charging Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
"You are improving", "That's better", "Good job"
Thanks so much for sharing your feedback, we are always inspired to hear that Yoganotch has helped you improve your form and stay motivated! Stay tuned, new classes are on the way!
Loving my Yoganotch
Hi Jan, thanks a lot for your review! We are super happy to hear, that as an experienced yoga practitioner and instructor, you say that Yoganotch can assist and remind you during your practice.We are dedicated to making Yoganotch really useful for our users. In this quest, we are guided by practitioners' feedback and cannot quite express how grateful we are for your response. 61 seconds of Handstand at age of 61 is an amazing idea! We root for you to reach your goal soon! :)
YogaNotch is Superb!
Hi Maximilian! Your feedback really warmed our hearts, thank you so much for sharing this. We really appreciated that a certified KettleBell instructor, you tried the Yoganotch app and found depth and joy in yoga, enjoyed the interactive video classes and liked analyzing your yoga progress. Everyone at Yoganotch can relate to that as we do feel that the feedback that Yoganotch provides helps us increase body awareness, which is ultimately our product goal. We are looking forward to supporting your growth in yoga and other sports activities and providing you with more quantified insights for your personal development. Namaste!
It is breakthrough in home Yoga practice!
Hi Audrey! Thanks so much for sharing your experience of how Yoganotch is transforming your daily yoga practice. Congratulations on your Plank achievement! Holding it for an additional 3 minutes - in the correct form - is a huge difference!

Does Yoganotch works on any body type?

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Is Yoganotch using cameras?

How long does the notch device battery last for?

What smart phones can I use with Yoganotch?

Why did you make Yoganotch?

How do notches work?

How and why is the notch technology unique?

Standard Warranty

Yoganotch comes with a one-year standard warranty.

FREE Shipping in the USA

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Product Details

Yoganotch by Notch Interfaces

Intuitive Interface

Ready to use in a minute

Battery Life 8+ hours

Charge once a week


Precise Wearable Sensors

Featured in 25+ peer-reviewed papers

Tiny and Light

Less than 8 grams  

Designed for Flow

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