Does Yoganotch works on any body type?

Yes, Yoganotch is size-agnostic, our technology has been in use by people of all shapes and sizes - from children to elite NBA athletes!

I am new to yoga. Would you recommend Yoganotch for me?

Absolutely! We made sure that both our technology and our classes are accessible to people of any yoga skill level and tech expertise.

Do I have to wear any special clothes to use Yoganotch?

Not at all! You can practice in any in as much clothing as you like! Wear them with your favorite yoga pants or yoga shorts and don't worry about sweat - our sensors are water-resistant, so they are ready for any challenge you are up to.

Is Yoganotch using cameras?

No! We are using motion sensors, so you don't have to worry about being in the field of view of the camera or practicing in the dark space. Yoganotch is ready anywhere and any time you want to practice yoga!

How long does the notch device battery last for?

For one charge it lasts for about 5-6 hours. Our app will notify you when it's time to charge your notches so you don't have to worry about it!

What smart phones can I use with Yoganotch?

At the moment all iDevices with iOS 11+. We will support Android devices later.

Why did you make Yoganotch?

We love yoga and were beyond ourselves when we realized we can use the technology that we have been working on for the last 5 years to create a truly helpful yoga product.

How do notches work?

Notches are wearable motion sensors that can form a wearable sensor network. Using the data they collect in real-time we can reconstructs the 3D avatars of a person who is wearing the notches right on their smartphones.

How and why is the notch technology unique?

Notch technology is using 3d motion sensors and AI to create accurate mathematical models of human movement in real-time. This technology is called 'motion capture' and you may have seen the results of the similar technology on screen - it has been used for years to bring to life characters of Avatar, Lord of the Rings or Avengers. Our company managed to bring this technology to smartphones and make it both accessible and affordable. Yoganotch is our new product, but our devices are being used by numerous Fortune-500 companies, world's top universities and healthcare institutions wordlwide.