Handstand Challenge

5-days of yoga course with Lara Heimann

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We’ve got a challenge coming your way! 
We’ve teamed up with a licensed physical therapist, yoga pioneer, and Yoganotch instructor Lara Heimann and LYT™ for a 5-day handstand challenge, and it is happening right in our app!

Join Lara for daily LYT™ Yoga classes in Yoganotch app, and build the skills and strength to achieve the ultimate feeling of freedom — the handstand! Using Lara's dynamic anatomy-driven LYT™ Yoga method we will work together to ignite our fire, work on our core strength, and move our way towards better balance and better posture.

Course Preview

Day 1 - Open Your Back

What makes a handstand easy for some and challenging for others? On Day 1 of the handstand challenge, we'll take a look at how to properly breakdown the handstand and I can get you prepared to do your very own handstand after only 5 days! In this class, we will focus on really opening up your back so that you are able to get your pelvis in line over your shoulders.

Abou the LYT™ Method

LYT™ Yoga is developed by movement expert Lara Heimann; a physical therapist with over 25 years of professional experience in health and wellness. LYT™ Yoga is designed for everybody and every body! 
This modern approach to yoga is a combination of physical therapy and functional movement for a contemporary lifestyle.