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Yoganotch Events are the regular free explorations to new yoga dimensions where you can meet new teachers and learn about different yoga, mindfulness and mobility practices. 
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Courses & Challenges

Start Fresh Start Smart 2021

In 2021 we start fresh and smart! Join us to celebrate the new year with 7 days of new yoga and mindfulness practices from world-class teachers!

Amplify Your Moves with Tracy Hayes

We have partnered up with @yoga_tracy, founder of Amplified movement, and an RYT-500, LYT-100, FRC©ms and Pilates instructor. Tracy usually teaches pro athletes, but we are making this course open ...

Handstand Challenge with Lara Heimann

We’ve got a challenge coming your way! We’ve teamed up with a licensed physical therapist, yoga pioneer, and Yoganotch instructor Lara Heimann and LYT™ for a 5-day handstand challenge, and it is ha...

Yoganotch x You

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