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Yoganotch uses award winning tiny 3D motion sensors that capture every detail of your movement with unparalleled precision.


Get Instant Feedback
On Your Posture

Yoganotch scans your body alignement and gently guides you how to advance in Asanas while keeping your practice safe. Improve your Flexiblity, Strength and Balance as you learn how to go deeper in each pose!

Downward Dog
Extended Triangle
Four Limbed Staff

Track Your Yoga Performance

Yoganotch App logs your practice, taking every detail into account. The Class Summary helps you to learn from cues you received during the asanas and let's you to study your alignment in each pose in context of your progress.

Increase Your Yoga Knowledge

Yoganotch gives you the tools to get better at understanding yoga anatomy and biomechanics, by taking your own movement data as a source of information. Evolve your yoga intelligence and train your body awareness with every new practice.

Choose From Classes Recommended
For Your Body Metrics

Yoganotch’s Interactive Classes bring a new kind of experience to your yoga practice. We work with certified yoga teachers to present a fine selection of yoga classes that meet your goals and experience level.

Elevate your Yoga Experience.

To offer the BEST Yoganotchâ„¢ virtual yoga assistant experience, we are growing our community of Yoganotch users. We'll continue to onboard more and more guests as new yoganotch kits become available.

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