Your Personal Yoga


Tiny 3D motion sensors precisely analyze your posture without getting in the way of your practice.


Live Asana Analysis

Receive meaningful feedback about each asana during your yoga practice from Yoganotch yoga assistant app.

Personalized Yoga Classes that Match your Skill Level and Body Metrics

Built on years of biomechanics and sensor-tech research Yoganotch personal yoga assistant takes into account your unique body parameters and your yoga history to make make personalized suggestions that are most suitable for you.

Increase Your Yoga Intelligence
and Body Awareness

Understand yoga biomechanics with detailed overview of each asana in your practice. Challenge yourself without crossing the limits of measurable safety.

Every Asana Counts

And we can help you see why: Yoganotch logs your yoga journey, taking into account every detail of your practice. Reflect on your yoga history and set new goals as you observe how your body and skill evolves with every practice

Discover Yoga Classes
That Work for You

Yoganotch interactive classes are designed by instructors who use traditional techniques and explore new approaches using methodologies backed by science.

Ready to improve?