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sensor-powered interactive yoga classes that help you improve your yoga

Meet Yoganotch

Yoganotch app and wearable sensors help you get feedback on your yoga technique even when you practice alone. Our app guides you through yoga classes and Yoganotch wearable sensors analyze your posture and generate audio feedback to help you improve your alignment in real-time.
Real time feedback
Real time feedback
Real time feedback
Real time feedback

Yoganotch AI: Real-time alignment cues

Our specialized AI interprets motion data in the context of yoga. Yoganotch then literally talks to you, through mobile app, advising in real-time how to improve your alignment.

We have been working on the library of recommendations for several years so that they can work for yogis of any skill level and body type. All the audio is recorded by real yoga teachers with experience in guiding online and offline classes.

Video classes, asana library and class designer

Yoganotch app comes with video classes recorded for Yoganotch by world-class yoga teachers. Explore our asana library to focus on one particular posture you want to master. Use Yoganotch class designer to create your favorite sequence.

We are continuously adding new classes and want to make sure that Yoganotch classes can provide platform for self-improvement for beginners and experienced yogis alike

Real time feedback

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Built on Notch motion analysis platform

Yoganotch is a new product, but Notch platform has been used thousands of researchers, entrepreneurs and engineers. Over the course of 3 years people used our technology for applications in sports, healthcare and wellness and for numerous peer-reviewed publications.

High-Precision Sensors

Motion sesors and specialized algorithmss, perfected over years of research & development.


No line of sight or field of view requirements. Place the phone anywhere, practice in any room big or small, dark or light.

Maximum Flexibility

Ready when you are. Use Yoganotch with any clothes, inside or outside, rain or shine.

Validated Accuracy

Technology used by thousands of researchers and professionals in sports, wellness and healthcare.


Make your yoga practice a bit smarter.

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