Personal yoga instructor on your phone.

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How does it work?

Yoganotch wearable yoga sensors scan your posture in 3D space. Yoganotch instructor app guides you through interactive yoga lessons and provides live and supportive feedback on your posture.

Feedback on yoga
when you need it

Yoganotch app and wearables help you correct your form even when you practice alone. At home. Or on the beach. Or in the forest. Under the moonlight. Or with the rising sun. Whenever and wherever you feel like doing yoga.

Your Data-Powered
Personal Yoga Diary

Yoganotch is your interactive yoga diary that saves your every practice to your personal Yoga Timeline.
While you practice yoga, Yoganotch AI checks how deep you release into a pose, analyzes your asana form and helps you progress towards your yoga goals.

Deepen your
yoga knowledge

Yoganotch Interactive Classes are fun and engaging (and sometimes challenging)and typically run for 10 - 30 minutes. They are designed by yoga teachers who are experts in anatomy and biomechanics for yoga practitioners with various experience level and goals.

Your Yoga Companion

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